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The Science of Hugs: An excerpt from Vic Mignogna Live

Recently, on Vic's live show, "Vic Mignogna Live", he spoke at length about the science of hugs, and how it perhaps has a direct connection to the increased anger and feelings of isolation we are having in the world currently. Take a listen.

Vic Mignogna Live broadcasts every Tuesday at 7pm EST.


"...So I wanted to talk to you guys about something… That’s kind of heavy. I hope that’s OK. You know everybody, it’s no secret… How angry so many people in the world are. Right? We can all agree on that. A lot of people are really angry. A lot of people… are very quickly offended, And they’re always looking for somewhere to voice their objection to, or voice their offense… people are so angry, and I have a thought I would like to throw out there. Now I don’t know if this is true or not...

have you ever noticed have you ever thought that there might be a correlation between how angry the world is now, and the fact that human contact has been vilified. The idea that people are so afraid to express any kind of affection or friendship or any kind of physical contact with other people.

And Squally, go ahead and throw up that link. Guys take a look at this link,

There are scientists who have done actual tests and experiments, and verified that hugs are actually physiologically beneficial. That connecting with people; A hand on the shoulder, shaking hands, you know put your arm around a friend, A simple hug. I’m not talking about anything pervy. And people who only think in terms like that are just themselves pervy, so they can’t imagine any innocuous, you know, platonic way somebody would just wanna hug people just to be kind or that kind of thing... But I wonder if there’s a correlation. Do you ever think about that?

Did you ever think about there may be a correlation between vilifying and making it taboo to connect with human beings so people feel more lonely, More isolated than ever, and then add Covid on top of it. I really think there may be a connection between vilifying and making taboo human connection, and the anger that so many people feel in the world.

I believe we were designed for fellowship. I believe we were made to connect with each other, and to encourage each other, and to physically connect with each other. Whether it be an arm on the shoulder, or a hug when you see somebody, or a hug when you leave, or even a handshake or anything… It’s really unfortunate but it’s been turned into something that so many people are afraid of but that’s what happened.

You know I grew up in an Italian family and everybody hugs everybody, I mean it’s crazy. But I really think there’s a correlation here between people being so afraid now they are so afraid of doing even just the slightest little thing that can be twisted or turned against them so everyone just keeps their distance. Everyone walks around in their own little bubble, and I can’t help but wonder if there’s a connection between that, and the anger and the added isolation that people feel.

You guys I asked Squally to look this up because there are plenty of studies. Scientific studies have been done about this this is not me being weird or anything like that…

There it is again, it’s from Forbes. These are scientific studies about the physiological benefits. So I hope you guys will all be kind, and welcoming to people around you. There’s so many lonely people in the world and they want so much to be noticed, and feel relevant, and feel like they have something to contribute. And unfortunately, they want that so bad they even do and say hurtful things just if they think it’ll get them some attention on the Internet.

Don’t fall into that trap you guys.

Be known for being an encourager, Not a discourager.

Be known for building something up, not tearing it down.

Be known for creating something, not destroying something.

Too many people out there define themselves by what they’re against, and what they want to attack instead of spending their time and energy building something; accomplishing something; gaining expertise at something; being successful at something.

I want to encourage all of you guys to do that.

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