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Press Release: Virtual Trek Con Walk through with Vic Mignogna with special tribute to Grant Imahara

Updated: Jul 19, 2020



This Sunday, July 19th, you are invited to join Vic Mignogna as he gives a special walk through of The Neutral Zone Studios in Honor of the late Grant Imahara. 

Imahara has been a member of the core cast of Star Trek Continues embodying the character and spirit of Hikaru Sulu since his debut in the vignette, ‘You have the Con’.

His sudden passing has been felt through the community. Please join us as we celebrate Grant, his achievements, and the special contributions he made to both the Trek community, and the sci-fi community as a whole.  The tour is part of Virtual Trek Con, an online convention. 

Fans are encouraged to submit questions that may be answered live on air in the comments of the live broadcast chat. Please keep questions family friendly and respectful.

The tour with Vic Mignogna and tribute will be Sunday July 19th, 2020 at 7:30pm and broadcast live at the following link,

The vignette, ‘You have the Con’ can be viewed at The Neutral Zone is a studio in Kingsland, Georgia currently owned and operated by Ray Tesi.

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