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New Audio Book: Paper Doll

Vic Mignogna’s Latest Audiobook Project Makes Its Way to Audible!

Vic’s most recent venture into the realm of audiobook recordings is now available for purchase and download on Audible. “Paper Doll” by Brian W. Peterson is the latest title to join a growing collection of audiobooks recorded and edited by the popular anime voice actor.

“Paper Doll” is a memoir, recounting the stories of three brothers during a tenuous time in American history. Here is the summary, as listed on Audible:

Three brothers. One Great Depression. One dreadful yet righteous war. Their lives shifted from a rural northern Minnesota upbringing to going their separate ways: to California, the skies over Germany, and the jungles of Leyte.

Back home, their widowed mother had yet to recover from the loss of the family farm to the Tax Man. Her boys gone, dependent on their income, and haunted by premonitions, she faced the torment of incessant worries.

One brother could not get into the military and settled for the shipyards; two went to war. Depression and war forever altered the Peterson family.

Paper Doll is a true story in novel form, telling the fascinating stories which added to the American tapestry during extraordinary times.

This 5-star rated complete, unabridged audiobook lists a running time of 12 hours and 58 minutes. Download your copy today!

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